How does it work?
1. Send me at least 4 pictures of each pet, tell me about their character, and let me know if you have a background colour preference.
2. I'll send you a detailed pencil drawing for your approval. This way I make sure that I don't miss any traits, the expression is right and it looks like your pet! I will also send you a colour rough, mainly to Ok the background colour.
3. I'll work on your handpainted portrait. I'll scan it and send you a digital copy, as well packing and wrapping the original piece to send it to you.
The original painting will be A5 (14.8x21cm), painted on 300gsm watercolour paper. Prices start at £60 for one pet, increasing £10 per additional animal.
If you'd like something bigger or slightly different, don't hesitate to ask!
Are you ready to order yours? You can contact me at or fill in the form at the contact page.
I'd love to paint your pet <3

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